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Best Vegan Eats in Liverpool (2019)

November 22, 2019

If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m obsessed with food. Going out to eat is basically all I do when I’m not gallivanting. Although Liverpool has some nice stuff, nothing beats a nice vegan meal out. Here’s my list of all my favourite spots to eat in 2019.

Mowglis Street Food

If you live in the UK, you’re probably no stranger to Mowglis. The first restaurant opened on Bold Street way back in 2014 and since then, an empire has taken over Britain, with ten restaurants in multiple cities including Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Mowglis serves Indian street food in the form of flavourful, healthy tiffin boxes, plenty of which is vegan. I also enjoy their brunch menu and cocktails. I’d definitely recommend visiting one of their two locations in Liverpool on Bold Street or Water Street.

Down The Hatch

If burgers, cauliflower buffalo wings, poutine, mac and cheese all with a side of deep fried veggies sounds like your idea of heaven, you’ll be in good company at Down the Hatch on Duke Street. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been here and I have to admit, their recipes keep getting better and better with each visit.

Baltic Market

If you find yourself in the Baltic Triangle, you’d be daft not to try what’s on offer at the Baltic Market. There’s usually one stall that caters exclusively to vegans and others offer at least one veggie option. The stalls rotate on the regular so there’s always something new to try.

Indigo Greens at Duke Street Market

Alternatively to the Baltic Market, try Duke Street Market. It has been known to stir up a bit of controversy on instagram after Manchester’s Mackie Mayor’s called it out for being a copycat. Both Mackie Mayor and Duke Street Market are a fancier version of your usual market stall establishment, offering higher end products and a fine dining experience.

However, what Mackie Mayor doesn’t offer (and therefore will never come close to Duke Street Market) is Indigo Greens. An all-vegan market stall with delicious vegan dishes such as a sunday dinner nut roast, ‘vish’ and chips and blind but awake scouse.


I can’t get enough of Indian Street food, honestly. And with so many fantastic options, why should I? If you’re ever on Bold Street, I’d recommend grabbing the Vegan Combo for 2. Nobody could come close to beating their delicious okra fries.

The Bagelry

Located in the centre of Chinatown is an unlikely bagel shop. I have never been a bagel fan until I discovered the Bagelry. Since then, call me obsessed. Oh, and their vegan doughnuts are to die for, especially the coconut and passionfruit flavour.


Okay, okay, I need to tell you about Sanskruti because they have these things called naan bread trees, right? They’re these tree things that hang gigantic vegan naan breads that sit on the table like an extra diner and they’re incredible. I was completely obsessed with them from the second I saw one and confused it for a person – that’s how big it was.

Sanskruti is one of Liverpool’s oldest and most beloved Indian restaurants, serving vegan versions of traditional curries. This place is best reserved for a big group of friends or family event where you can get a bit of everything to share.


If small plates are your thing, you’ll love Maray, located on the Docks or on Bold Street. Both locations offer small, intricate and delicious Middle Eastern meals for meat eaters and vegans alike. Ask for the vegan menu for a variety of options. The disco cauliflower is their speciality and is definitely worth trying.

Pippin’s Corner

Liverpool city centre isn’t the only place to find delicious veggie food, you know. Lark Lane has plenty of offerings and I’d recommend Pippin’s Corner. The portions are huge and well worth the money. Vegan options include the sunday lunch (if you’re there on a Sunday, obviously), vegan pie of the day, a vegan burger and more.

The Florist

The Florist is one of those instagrammable cocktail places, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. Did you know it also serves one of the best vegan brunches in the city? They have vegan black pudding! BLACK PUDDING! Wild, right? Oh, and it actually tasted nice. What a world we live in.

Leaf on Bold Street

Another amazing vegan brunch spot is Leaf on Bold Street, located in an old art deco cinema building. It gets very busy in here, even on a weekday. It’s popular for a reason – the food is that good! I’ve been a few times and would recommend the porridge. They have a range of loose leaf teas too and we all know how I love a good cuppa.

Crosby Tea Rooms

Located further afield in Crosby is the Crosby Tea Rooms, a cute cafe with live music, board games and pets alloweds. The food is really good, too. I’ve had something different every time I’ve visited but I’d recommend any of their vegan brunch options or the cake.

Obviously I couldn’t list every vegan place in Liverpool but these are the ones I think deserve some love and attention. Unlike some vegan establishments ran by an instagram model who thought getting a swastika tattoo was a smart idea. Not naming names, obviously.

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