About VeganTeaRoom

Grab a cuppa and lets get to know each other.


The Vegan Tea Room was started in January 2015 as a place to originally post recipes and rave about my favourite vegan fashions and beauty products. Over time, it’s evolved into a travel blog with the occasional posts about minimalism, veganism and sustainability. And recipes, of course.


Why travel? Because I’m obsessed.


The main reason I document my travels here is because photographs and blog posts make great souvenirs. Some people collect magnets, some collect snow globes, I try and write 20+ blog posts about a three day trip so I can remember absolutely everything. I want to let you guys know about these places too, whether it’s the shop I found in Copenhagen that only sells sustainable, ethically made knick-knacks or that time we found a museum of penises in Reykjavik.


Why vegan? Because it’s the only way to be, in my opinion.


Why sustainable fashion? This blog post might explain that.