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Brief Visit to Bruges

November 18, 2016

My time in Belgium was brief, to say the least. Why I felt the need to day trip to both Bruges and Ghent from Antwerp in the space of a few hours, I have no idea. Though I didn’t have time to really do anything, I made my mind up about which city I felt was the most beautiful and there’s no question that Bruges wins the prize. Continue Reading…

belgium, city breaks, ghent, travel

Ghent’s Graffiti Alley

October 13, 2016

Ghent is a beautiful, clean city in Belgium, mostly free from graffiti and other street art. It’s full of traditionally beautiful buildings, churches, cathedrals, castles and whatnot. Street art is seen as vandalism in Ghent and is subsequently banned. However, there are a few spots where local authorities turn a blind eye to the laws and let the artists have free rein. One spot is Werregarenstraat, otherwise known as Graffiti Alley. Continue Reading…