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city breaks, copenhagen, denmark, featured, travel

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

March 20, 2016

So there we were, inside a café of a hotel outside Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek waiting for it to open and praying they didn’t put cows milk in my soy chai latte. 9:30am and that morning we had already eaten out for breakfast in Nørrebro (avo on toast, yes mam), we had wandered around Hans Christian Anderson Avenue and fought away tourists from the statue outside Tivoli Gardens because we wanted a picture too, dammit! Continue Reading…

city breaks, copenhagen, denmark, featured, travel

Room of Stars

March 10, 2016

I am what some would call shallow as a birdbath. Upon finding out I had half a day to spare in Copenhagen, I could have visited some of the absurd amount of museums to gain more culture, I could have spent the evening with my airbnb host at her seven hour nighttime meditation service to find a higher power or whatever it is people find when they meditate. But, no. That’s not me. I was torn between two, very different itineraries. Should I visit the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (half an hour by train into Northern Copenhagen) for the pretty selfies? Or should I tick another country of my bucket list and catch the train (half an hour away, again) into Sweden? Yep, I’m a selfie-taker and a country counter. The ultimate embarrassment of the travel blogging community. Continue Reading…