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Culture Shock in Johannesburg

June 17, 2016

I’m not someone who strays too far away from the tourist track and I’ve never been anywhere that warrants an excuse for culture shock, except for South Africa, particularly Johannesburg.

I’ve been to South Africa three times in my life, the first time when I was one year old, just after apartheid ended. The second when I was eleven, the third when I was twenty-one and fully capable of grasping all the strange South-African-isms that are so different to life at home. It surprised me, honestly, because South Africa is very western. The primary language is English (although they have 11 official languages) and having family there, I didn’t expect anything quite like what I saw. Continue Reading…

johannesburg, south africa, travel

Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere (A Guide for Christmas Haters)

December 24, 2015

I hate Christmas. I hate Christmas so much I want it to disappear so we never have to experience it ever again. Did I mention I hate Christmas?


It’s the darkest, dreariest day of the year, which might not bother some people, but for a depression sufferer, this can really get you down. Secondly, the whole idea of family, togetherness and unity makes me frustrated. How dare they decide that I must be happy on this day? No, it’s not going to happen. I’m going to sit and sulk for an entire month in protest! Continue Reading…

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Pilanesberg National Park

December 10, 2015

Long gone are the days of zoos, aquariums and watching animals in captivity. It’s just not cool any more (was it ever cool, really?). We’re living in an ecological age of ethics and rational thinking and along with that comes the hip new way of animal watching and that’s big game drives.

I wish what I was typing was true but unfortunately it isn’t. Zoos, aquariums and other prisons disguised as ‘sanctuaries’ still reap a hell of a lot more profit than wild animal watching tours and that makes sense. They’re convenient. The majority of us don’t live in a country where we can step outside and see a wildebeest on our doorstep. Most people don’t have the money to travel half way around the world to see a lion, and zoos make that dream come true for them. Continue Reading…