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The Ugly Side of Iceland: Whaling

March 11, 2016

Iceland is extremely fashionable these days. Everyone and their uncles are visiting this fantastic country and who could blame them? It has everything from geothermic hot springs, geysers, waterfalls and so much more that I couldn’t possibly explain in a short introduction.

But what about Iceland’s ugly side? I’m not going to pretend it is the perfect country – far from it. After the economic crash in 2009, the wages has lowered and the standard living rate has skyrocketed forcing inhabitants to work 60+ hour weeks to keep up. But there’s something even uglier I’ve yet to touch on. Even though I’ve already made 10+ blog posts on all things Icelandic from my three-day trip, I’ve been avoiding this topic like the plague. Why? Because I have way too much to say and a lot of my opinions might surprise you. However, what I have to say needs to be said. Let’s talk about whaling in Iceland.

I’ve heard countless debates from travel bloggers and potential tourists of Iceland arguing both sides of the whaling coin. Some say it’s outrageous and wrong, others say it’s a huge part of a poor country’s income without which they could possibly go bankrupt again. So what is the truth? Continue Reading…