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How I was Almost Abducted by a Paedophile in Miami

September 27, 2018

Whenever I tell this story, I find myself laughing, usually to horrified expressions. “That isn’t funny! That’s terrifying!” they object. I’m not sure why I laugh. I know it’s not actually a funny story. Maybe it’s the absurdity that makes me laugh, or maybe it’s my twisted sense of humour and the fact that I cannot break out into giggles whenever something goes horribly wrong. It’s easier to laugh than to cry, right? Continue Reading…

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New York Minute

December 21, 2015

No, this isn’t a recap of that fabulous film with Mary-Kate and Ashley (and Simple Plan for some reason). This is the story of how me and my friend, Emily, found ourselves in New York City with little money and little time to spare and how we somehow made it out of there alive. Continue Reading…

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What I Ate/Did in Provincetown

October 17, 2015
From what I’ve heard, Provincetown is like the Brighton of Massachusetts. All year round, it’s pride time and there’s no stopping the rainbow flags, the day time drag queens, or the proud flamboyance. However, despite the progressive liberal take, it’s still Cape Cod, and that means one thing. You’re having fish for dinner. You’re a vegan, yeah, we don’t care, you’re eating fish.

Continue Reading…