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Fat Shaming in the Vegan Community

April 22, 2016

Once again I find myself arguing about an on-going issue within the vegan community: Fat shaming. It’s been over a year since I last touched on this topic so I thought I’d write a blog post here because, one year later, we’re still not over it. Continue Reading…

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Vegan Activism at Notting Hill

February 18, 2016

This weekend I ventured down to London to visit a friend for her birthday. While I was there I decided to go to Notting Hill, I had no interest in the markets, I never saw the film and I couldn’t be bothered finding the banksy art work (it was cold, wet and crowded with tourists). I only wanted to see the colourful houses and get out of there. I have a thing for colourful places, if you didn’t already know. Continue Reading…