You asked: Is BurgerFi sauce vegan?

BurgerFi Sauce is not vegan, as it contains egg.

What is the BurgerFi sauce?

BurgerFi offers more than ten different sauce selections that include the general favorites like Ranch, Spicy Mayo, Chili, Cheese Sauce, Honey Mustard BBQ and Memphis Sweet BBQ.

Does BurgerFi have a vegan option?

BurgerFi offers a delicious vegan Beyond Burger, topped with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onions on a vegan multigrain bun.

Does BurgerFi have vegan cheese?

Does BurgerFi have vegan cheese? No. Unfortunately BurgerFi does not carry any vegan cheeses.

Are BurgerFi french fries vegan?

Fries – The fries at BurgerFi are vegan.

Does BurgerFi sauce have dairy?

The VegeFi Burger contains dairy and egg ingredients. The Onion Rings contain milk. The BurgerFi Sauce contains milk and egg.

Is BurgerFi sauce gluten free?

The BurgerFi sauce is also gluten-free and very good.

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