Is AXAR Patel vegetarian?

Which Indian cricketer is vegetarian?

Rohit Sharma

Often criticised for “looking unfit”, Sharma remains one of the most effective Indian cricketers of all time. He is also a vegetarian but consumes eggs and dairy products regularly.

Which cricketer is vegetarian?

#4 Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Kumar is the finest exponent of swing bowling not just in India but also in world cricket. He is the only Indian bowler to have won the purple cap in IPL twice. Kumar is quite particular about his diet. He is a pure vegetarian and restricts himself to just consuming fresh vegetables.

Is Jadeja a vegetarian?

At times, he tried his hand at tilling and ploughing the land. He brings a cook along and enjoys non-vegetarian fare, something he can’t do at home. He rides his horse and a pair of fillies which are at our ancestral village now,” says father Anirudhsinh Jadeja.

Does Ashwin eat non-veg?

Ravichandran Ashwin

A vegetarian right from his childhood, he started to eat egg and chicken as per his nutritionist advice.

Is Suresh Raina veg?

In the Indian team, Ishant Sharma, Suresh Raina and Ravichandran Ashwin are known to be vegetarians. … In the Indian team, Ishant Sharma, Suresh Raina and Ravichandran Ashwin are known to be vegetarians.

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Is Mark Zuckerberg a vegetarian?

In December 2016, Zuckerberg was ranked 10th on Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People. He claims to be Vegetarian since 2011 on his FB Profile (where everyone can write what he wants).

Is Virat Kohli pure vegetarian?

Virat Kohli follows a vegan diet! The nation’s biggest sports star eats only plants. Virat Kohli, Delhi boy and self-confessed lover of all things makhani, is now completely off dairy. It’s pretty big news, in a nation obsessed with ghee and paneer.

Is Virat Kohli a vegetarian?

After Kohli’s diet became one of the talking points on social media, the 32-year-old clarified on Twitter that he is vegetarian and never claimed to be a vegan. “I never claimed to be vegan. Always maintained I’m vegetarian. Take a deep breath and eat your Veggies (if you want),” he wrote on Tuesday (June 1) afternoon.

Is Sachin a vegetarian?

Sachin Tendulkar diet: Is Sachin Tendulkar a vegetarian? The ex-cricketer is not a vegetarian and he follows a non-vegetarian diet. The batting star has on multiple occasions expressed his love for food and his teammates had also often labelled him as a foodie.

Is Hardik Pandya a vegetarian?

Hardik decided on two changes in his lifestyle that contributed significantly to his strength and conditioning. “He decided to turn vegetarian and gave up on non-veg food completely. … With his new fitness goals, Hardik can challenge Kohli when it comes to meeting standards on the field.

Is Bumrah vegetarian?

In his conversation with The Hindu, the cricketer had admitted to following a strict diet. Bumrah stated that he does not prefer consuming bread, fried food or sweets. … However, he revealed that his diet consists of high-protein meals like grilled fish for the remaining six days.

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Is Yuvraj Singh vegetarian?

Yuvraj’s diet has always consisted of delicious Punjabi food cooked by his mother at home. Being a true Punjabi, he does eat a lot but he also burns what he eats. Chicken and Matar Paneer happen to be his favorite. … Yuvraj has never needed to cut down on his food before his cancer; he was a healthy lad.

Is Rahul Dravid a vegetarian?

Extremely careful with the calories, Rahul is always high on sports nutrition food packets. Unlike a few of us, he didn’t have a problem with his food habits, for he has been a non-vegetarian for as long as I know.

Is Sehwag vegetarian?

Virender Sehwag

While this strong Indian Batsman may seem like he gets all that strength from eating meat but factually, Sehwag is a pure vegetarian. His daily diet only includes vegetarian food items and simply loves eating kheer. Sehwag also owns a few vegetarian restaurants.

Is Sonakshi Sinha vegetarian?

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is against animal cruelty, and for this reason, the actress has turned vegan now. Sonakshi has also lost heaps of weight as a result of which she has got an impressive physique now. The actress admitted that the vegan diet helped to boost her metabolism.