Vegan nacho cheese is the ideal dish to bring along for movie night or a football game! Easy and deceptively similar in taste to its dairy-based counterpart, vegan queso makes an unforgettable snack that won’t break the bank!

It features a blend of soaked raw cashew nuts, cooked carrots, nutritional yeast and spices for a tasty ingredient combination that conceals tons of hidden vegetables! Enjoy!

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast, more commonly known by its shorthand name “nooch,” gives this nacho cheese recipe an irresistibly creamy taste and mouthwatering umami texture. Not only is nooch delicious, it is also packed with health benefits! As a vegan food high in protein, B vitamins, and fiber (it can be found at large supermarkets or ordered online), nooch is increasingly becoming a favourite ingredient among plant-based eaters as its unique combination of flavorful notes with low calories makes for satisfying dishes while supporting digestive health benefits! Nooch also provides extra fiber benefits which improve digestion!

Vitamin B12 can be hard to come by on a vegan diet, making this an excellent source of this essential nutrient. As it contains all essential amino acids that the body requires, this complete plant protein also boasts zinc, selenium, manganese and molybdenum which all play vital roles in health – plus is an excellent source of niacin and folate!

This dairy-free nacho cheese recipe is an easy and quick way to create delicious homemade nacho cheese at home! Use it with tortilla chips for snacking or drizzle it on tacos, burrito bowls or mac and cheese dishes! Additionally, use it as a dipping sauce for veggies or baked potatoes! Plus it’s vegan-friendly as well.

Nacho cheese sauce will thicken as it cools in the refrigerator, but you can quickly revive it by whisking with a splash of water until creamy again. Store it for up to three days in the fridge if it becomes too thick to stir; simply add another splash of water and heat in either the microwave or stovetop to restore creamy consistency.


Addition of veggies to this vegan nacho cheese recipe is an easy way to boost nutrition and make the sauce healthier. Potatoes and carrots provide starch that thickens the sauce while kale, spinach, and red pepper offer fiber and other vital vitamins and minerals such as potassium, A, C and K – as well as helping lower sodium and fat intake while giving it an easier taste that appeals to children’s palates.

This vegan nacho cheese features potatoes, carrots, nutritional yeast and spices to replicate the flavor and consistency of movie theater nacho cheese without all of the excess calories and fat! Nut-free for people with allergies as well. Enjoy it as a quick snack or party appetizer by topping baked potatoes with black beans; spooning over vegetable wraps; or spreading onto plant-based beef tacos!

Make vegan nacho cheese quickly by combining all ingredients in a blender and pulsing until everything is evenly blended. Refrigerate it before you are ready to use; microwave or stovetop reheating should work just fine; or freeze an airtight container up to three months ahead of time! For added spice, consider adding some Sriracha sauce for even more zest! Enjoy!


Jalapenos add a welcome hint of heat to this vegan nacho cheese recipe, making it a tasty dip or topping to elbow macaroni for dairy free mac and cheese! Use whole food ingredients that are easily available to you, making this vegan- and soy-free recipe easily accessible – from whole grain flours and nutritious vegetables, to easy pantry items you’ll find right in your own kitchen and refrigerator! This dish also packs in healthy doses of vegetables! You can use this as either an accompaniment for snacking on their own or add it directly onto macaroni for mac and cheese!

This simple vegan nacho cheese recipe can be created in just minutes with just your blender! Simply combine cashews, milk and spices until everything is creamy smooth – add additional water if necessary for desired consistency – before pouring it all out in to a bowl!

Serve this delicious vegan nacho cheese immediately or store it in the fridge until later use. It’s an ideal appetizer to bring to parties or family events; perfect with grilled vegetables, chips, or even baked potatoes!

Dairy- and gluten-free, it makes an excellent option for people with food allergies or who wish to consume more plant-based foods. Furthermore, it contains numerous beneficial nutrients found in vegetables and nuts such as vitamin C, A and antioxidants that make for a nutrient-rich snack option.

Vegan nacho cheese is deliciously creamy and irresistibly cheese-y; you will want to use it on everything! Perfect as a dip for chips or tortillas, tacos, nachos or sandwiches alike – even better on game day gatherings or frozen for later enjoyment! Try pairing this yummy sauce with veggie chips or some side sweet potato, zucchini or regular potato fries for the ultimate experience.

Dairy Free Milk

This vegan nacho cheese recipe is dairy-free and uses simple whole food plant-based ingredients. The creamy texture boasts an irresistibly delicious cheesy taste, making it the ideal topping for appetizers, meals and snacks such as tortilla chips, french fries, roasted vegetables, veggie burgers or tacos!

This dairy free nacho cheese recipe is easy, vegan and packed full of nutrients! Made with potatoes and carrots that have been blended to form a cheesy sauce. Plus it includes nutritional yeast which provides protein, B vitamins and an irresistibly nutty taste – giving the sauce its characteristic cheesiness without using actual cheese! A fantastic alternative to store bought products which often have higher sodium and fat contents!

Vegetables found in this sauce offer a healthy dose of fiber, potassium, vitamins, and minerals – as well as providing texture to make this dish creamy and thicken it further. Furthermore, carrots add their lovely orange hue while providing natural sweetness without needing additional coloring ingredients like cornstarch or tapioca starch to maintain a vibrant yellow hue in your final product.

Finalizing vegan nacho cheese requires adding pickled jalapeno slices for a spicy kick – an optional step that adds great flavor. This vegan nacho cheese makes an excellent dip for tortilla chips or you can serve it alongside steamed vegetables, baked potatoes or nachos!


This vegan nacho cheese sauce evokes the delicious cheesy flavor of its dairy counterpart without using animal products. Cashews provide a creamy base while other ingredients add depth of flavor and texture, including paprika for subtle smokey notes, mustard for tartiness, and garlic for an added kick! A tasty and nutritious alternative to store-bought nacho cheese sauces on the market while cutting sodium and saturated fat significantly.

Nutritional yeast is the “secret” ingredient that transforms this dish into its authentic version. A high-protein food with trace minerals and B vitamins, nutritional yeast can promote bone health while helping lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels – not to mention its delicious, slightly nutty cheese-like taste! Available at most major grocery stores.

Other ingredients, like smoked paprika and spicy brown mustard, give this sauce the iconic nacho cheese taste. Tomato paste, miso paste and garlic all further intensify this savory sensation; one of five basic tastes people crave in terms of savory foods.

Serve this vegan nacho cheese as a dip with tortilla chips, or drizzle it on bowls of steamed vegetables, baked potatoes, tacos, burritos, or even burgers for an indulgent treat! Keep leftovers chilled in the fridge and reheat as needed by adding milk or water while heating in the microwave – its consistency should thin slightly after sitting in the fridge but you may need to thin with additional milk/water when reheating later on. You can also freeze it up to two months ahead – then simply microwave until heated through!


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